One of the joys of life is having a child of your own. Part of the life of our church is to share in that joy.

People who want to have their child baptised (Baptism means to dip) and christened (the giving of a Christian name) can do.

If you live near our church you are entitled to this. When you live in another Parish you still can have your child baptised but we have to seek permission from your local church.

You can have your child baptised within our service at 11.00 am Sundays or after the service at 1.00 pm. Please contact us to check on dates.

Traditionally there are three godparents: two the same sex as the child and one of the opposite sex but to have one godmother and one godfather is sufficient. Parents may be godparents to their own children provided that the child has at least one other godparent. If you want you may have more than three godparents.

There is no cost for a baptism.

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St Andrew's Church Prayer

But, because it is God to whom we witness, we need no less a constant detachment, a will to go apart and wait upon God in quiet, in silence, lest by our very busyness we should only rob ourselves and rob others of the realisation of God's presence; 'Be still and know that I am God'.

Would that everyone whose heart God has once touched would guard times of quietness amid our noisy, bustling life to let God touch the heart again.

Our Services

Our regular worship of Holy Communion on Thursday (12.30 said) and Sunday (11.00am Sung) continues, with Communion available in both kinds (bread and wine)

Coffee/seasonal refreshments and fellowship are offered, together with a warm welcome after the Sunday service in the lower hall.

Sung Matins is at 11am on the following Sundays: October 1st; November 5th; December 3rd; February 4th 2024 ; March 3rd; April 7th; May 5th; June 2nd; July 7th.