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The Parish Church of St Andrew in Newcastle upon Tyne provides worship according to the Book of Common Prayer and hosts the worshipping community of the Greek Orthodox Church.

We offer baptisms and weddings; a place of prayer, reflection and spiritual refreshment; and we host the City Centre Chaplaincy and a number of other community organisations.

Parish Church of St Andrew, Newcastle upon Tyne

A Coming Together of Old and New

The Parish Church of St Andrew is traditionally recognised as 'the oldest church in this town'. The present building was begun in the 12th Century and the last addition to it, apart from the vestries, was the main porch in 1726.

It is quite possible that there was an earlier church here dating from Saxon times. This older church would have been one of several churches along the River Tyne dedicated to St Andrew, including the magnificent Priory church at Hexham.

Perhaps they carried a relic of St Andrew from Newcastle up the Tyne valley. We recently had the church dowsed and this indicated an older church directly under our present building.

The building contains more old stonework than any other church in Newcastle. It is surrounded by the last of the ancient churchyards to retain its original character.

Many key names associated with Newcastle's history worshipped and were buried here. We have lots of interesting stories to tell, come and hear some of them.

The church tower received a battering during the Siege of Newcastle by the Scots who finally breached the Town Wall and forced surrender. We still have three of the cannonballs to prove it!

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History of the church

More information about the history of the church can be found in our history book in church and on these web sites:

British History Online
GENUKI (UK & Ireland Genealogy)
Tim Pickford-Jones

Parish records are held at the Tyne & Wear Archives Service and the Northumberland County Record Office.

A Living and Growing church

The life of St Andrew's, however, does not lie in the past. We are a living church and a growing church.

We celebrate Holy Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer on every Sunday at 11 am (except the 2nd Sunday) and every Thursday lunchtime at 12.30 pm.

We of course regularly say prayers and conduct special services on other days during the Christian year.

There are fortnightly services on Sunday afternoon for Deaf People at 3 pm, the Northumbria Deaf Mission having its base here. The Greek Orthodox Church of St Anthony the Great worships here on the second Sunday of the month at 11 am and holds a Greek School on Saturday afternoon.

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Newcastle City Centre Chaplaincy

The City Centre Chaplaincy, which is an ecumenical ministry to people at work, was started by St Andrew's in 1976 and is still located here and holding services at the church.

The church is a focus for the community in Newcastle City Centre. Of the many organisations using the church and its well-situated hall, Helplink for disadvantaged people in the city is one. They work alongside the congregation to aid people who are homeless and in need.

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Our Congregation

The growing congregation is made up of people who come to worship from all areas of the city as well as many visitors who are staying in the city or passing by and students who join us in term-time while resident at the universities.

St Andrew's is the largest of the original four town parishes and, although smaller than it was, still contains within its boundaries:

So quite a varied parish!

There is lots of interesting work going on, especially with the people who flood into the Parish on a daily basis for work, leisure, special events and celebrations.

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Our Service Times

BCP Holy Communion

1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays
at 11 am

Every Thursday at 12.30pm.

Matins: 2nd Sunday

Greek Orthodox Service

2nd Sunday
at 1pm

Signed service for Deaf People

2nd Sunday
at 3 pm

Contact us

Revd Glyn Evans
St Andrew's Church
Newgate Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

Tel: 0191 222 0259
Email us

How to find us

Our beautiful church is a much-loved sanctuary in the city. You are welcome to visit our church which is open weekdays, 9 am-3 pm, or to join us for worship.

St Andrew's Church Prayer

But, because it is God to whom we witness, we need no less a constant detachment, a will to go apart and wait upon God in quiet, in silence, lest by our very busyness we should only rob ourselves and rob others of the realisation of God's presence; 'Be still and know that I am God'.

Would that everyone whose heart God has once touched would guard times of quietness amid our noisy, bustling life to let God touch the heart again.

Statue of St Andrew

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Photography by Dennis Small

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