The Parish Church of St Andrew

Annual Parish Church Meeting (APCM)

31 Oct 2020

11:00 - 11:30

The Parish Church of St Andrew

Newgate Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

After consulting our Archdeacon, we are now obliged to hold this meeting under the following conditions:

  • In church on the above date and Covid-19 compliant (social distancing/track and trace)
  • The agenda content is streamlined to the absolute minimum
  • Meeting will last for a maximum time of 30 minutes

The main purpose is to elect church officers, committee members, and to report in open forum on church activities and matters of of interest during the period: April 2019- April 2020. To that end, if you are a member of our Electoral Roll you are encourgaed to attend, and indeed to vote.

No toliet facilities (other than in an emergency)